Bing a Bang to Google?

Will this be the end of Google Wave?

Microsoft introduced its new search engine Bingaccessible from the 1st June supposing to be more than just a search engine.

Bing is expected to accompany the user in the every day decisions thanks to a range of peripheral tools (maps, opinions ...) that are coupled to the search results.

Will this be the end of Google Wave?

Here in France Google has over 90% as favourite search engine, well to me they are two bigcorporations all the same, but I see Google much more "curious" I mean, they read your emailscontent at gmail account to show you their pub, well everybody knows that.Now, if in my daily work I need at times technical references for the web programming I do,lets say that I make a search under: "tar linux syntax" Google results are more effective, there is anassociation between the word syntax and linux command help whereas Bing doesn't make this association, it rather givesmarketing result kind of formation or linux courses available.

Now, if for fun I desire to know what to do today in Paris I recommend Bing.

To resume all this: Microsoft is a bit late and while debugging Windows Vista, they've lost the space market that Google has taken.

What do you think?