Resurrecting my laptop battery

IfThis simple tip has saved my laptop battery

Date: 10 June 2009
Resurrecting my laptop battery

If your laptop battery doesn't work here you can find how to fix it

First of all I would like to thank people who post interesting and helpfull things on the Internet, thanks to the post from someone in Australia I was able to save and resurrect my laptop battery.

Here are the principles:

We take an overcharged capacitor as being the problem and set to finding a solution.
We need to use power plugs with three inputs - neg, pos and earth.
There must be a switch to this individual power plug so we can turn it on/off. (If there is no switch in the power plug use one of those plug extension with a switch on it).

How to do it:

  1. Plug the laptop with the battery (Power ON)
  2. Take out the battery
  3. Switch the power of the plug off, the plug is plugged but the power if OFF.

The idea is that the capacitor can bleed through the earth wire.

That's all, battery resurrected!