Jboss & Eclipse Setting

Configure quickly Jboss and Eclipse with Subversion under windows. You will avoid errors like this: can't deploy/publish in JBoss nullPointerException ..

Get a good Eclipse Lomboz Distro

The Eclipse Lomboz with Jboss: all required plugins for Eclipse are there
 * Settings Eclipse & Jboss
 * 08-08-2008


Intro: Prepare the environement to make turn Eclipse and Jboss under windows

___The Actual Configuration___

1. JDK 1.5 (To be installed first)

2. Jboss 4.2.2 GA (unzip the file to your C drive)

3. DB configuration files are the ds-*.xml files (need to verify this, to connect to you database servers)

4. For Eclipse Europa go to the Lomboz page: http://lomboz.objectweb.org/virtualdistros.php and download Lomboz for Enterprise
5. Launch Eclipse and set the properties to the JDK version (It is 1.5 because it is the same version a in Jboss)and to the Jboss server
___The Subversion Plugin___

In Eclipse go to: Help > Software Updates > Find and install
And type,
Name: Subclipse (Or anything you want, really)
Url: http://subclipse.tigris.org/update