Creating menus

Create navigation and primary links menus.

NAVIGATION is the standard menu left for Drupal, so we are going to create chidren from it.


Go to: Home > Administer > Site building > Menus > Navigation

Then Add item

In the Path field add the path to the created term: taxonomy/term/1

Give a name to the menu like "Drupal tutorials"

Check enabled

Parent Item: Navigation




Then to create a child go again to:

Home > Administer > Site building > Menus > Navigation

and add an item like "Drupal most popular modules" article created before, (remember to set the right path, the alias yu've setted before)

select the parent item: "Drupal tutorials"


And voila again!


Creating top level menu

Primary links are at the top level and contain standard pages like "Home","Contact", or "About us"


Go to Home > Administer > Site building > Primary links

Then give a name the menu linkl title, like "Home" or "About us", set the path link to it, that's it.