Drupal 7 meta tags

Meta tag quick module with Drupal 7

Ush! Where are meta tags for Drupal 7

I mean, how can you fill in keywords and descriotion meta fields for a node?


It seems the the module is not yet ready!

Maybe they've launched Drupal 7 too quickly!

They talk about the metat tag module wich is not yet developed!


But someone has developed a dirty quick solution that you can find here: http://drupal.org/project/metatags_quick


The Meta Tags Quick module here is how you can install it:




1. Place the entire metatags_quick directory into your Drupal sites/all/modules/


2. Enable the Meta field module by navigating to:

administer > modules

3. Add fields of type Meta to any of your content types:

administer > structure > Content types > manage fields.





Meta name is field name. For example, if you add field field_description, resulting meta will be <meta name="description" content="field value"/>

You can add several meta fields with different names.