Organize the content, clasify and navigate with taxonomy

At last the BIG word!
Taxonomy provides a mechanism for categorizing content on your site. You know, in a library, librarians have taken time to examine every book in their shelves to categorize them so later they are easy to find.
So, it is important to think about how to clasify the content

In Drupal taxonomy is divided in two: a vocabulary and a term.


1 Vocabulary IS A Category

1 Vocabulary HAS N Terms

1 Term IS A word or a phrase that decribes an aspect of this vocabulary.


Step 1: Create a Vocabulary

By default,
Drupal creates a vocabulary called Tags as a default generic “container” for terms


So, go to:

Home > Administer > Content management > Taxonomy
I'm going to create a vocabulary called "Category", with the content type "Story"


Step 2: Create a Term

Then, for this Category I'm going add a term called "Learning Drupal".
Don't forget to set the URL alias to make URLs user's friendly


Step 3 : Selecting a Taxonomy Term when Creating Content

So now to create new content associated with the taxonomy term "Learning Drupal" just created,


Go to: Home > Create content
And you will see:


* Title
* Category (a select list with the new terme just added "Learning Drupal", yes!)


Here, create all the stories you want, I'm creating these stories : install, drupal most popular modules, creating content, etc..


Then you can update URL alias: Home > Administer > Site building > URL aliases