Working with images

Using the IMCE module

IMCE is an image/file uploader and browser supporting personal directories and user quota.

You will like to add graphic content to your site, upolading photos and images. So first of all install the IMCE module as you would install any oter module, then go to:


Home  >  Administer > Site configuration > IMCE

And verify the IMCE configuration, at first only user 1, the super admin user would be the only one to have image upload permission, unless you configure it otherwise, so, edit User -1 (you) settings and change all this to :

Display file browser tab in user profile pages. (Check this)

Maximum file size per upload: 1MB
Directory quota: 2MB (Or the size you like)
Permitted file extensions: gif png jpg jpeg
Maximum image resolution: 800x600, or if you set this to 0 there will be no restrictions
Directory path: u%uid, for the user id, and check all options to hendle files

(Uploades images will be in:




Then when you will login you will see in My Account page the tab correspoding to File Browser, it is there!
You can always test it with: user/1/imce


It will appear in your User's profile page "My Account", and not in the menu or the Administer pages, because IMCE is always related to the user's account profile.


Imce Sample